**********Create a dummy file*************
by secretsquirell - September 24, 2020 at 01:50 AM
Create a dummy file of any size, any name utilizing command prompt.
Fsutil.exe is a powerful tool for managing partitions and volumes. Among many other things, you can also use it to quickly create dummy files of any size from the Command Prompt.
There are a lot of ways to launch the Command Prompt, but I prefer to enter "cmd" in my taskbar's search field, and then to click or tap on Command Prompt.You will most likely need to run this command elevated. If you dont know what "elevated" means then you prolly shouldnt have reason to need this anyways.
Once the Command Prompt is open, type in fsutil and hit Enter to see a list of commands supported by this tool. These are parameters that you can use to create your file.
[Image: be.png]
fsutil file createnew filename size
fsutil file createnew path\filename size

Replace filename with the name you want for the dummy file. You can choose to add an extension or not, as this does not affect the process.

Replace size with the size you want your dummy file to have. The size is measured in bytes.

create a file called 11file.exe with a size of 10MB or 10485760 bytes.
To create it, you enter the following command: fsutil file createnew 11file.exe 10485760
the file is created in your user profile folder. Go check if its there, Ill wait here.

One aspect to note is that the files created with fsutil.exe are empty. There's no content inside but yet the extension remains. Sounds like fun huh?

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well ok then..I kinda thought this was kool

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