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Cowboy beop
by eugeniorubens - February 15, 2020 at 05:09 PM
Does anyone used to watch the best anime ever?
I have done it several times, the first time about 20 years ago ... beautiful
Of course! Cowboy Bebop is amazing
I've seen it a few times. Watch it once every couple years.
I watched that way back in the early 00's. Remember being the first anime I actually liked
sorry, never heard about it. Will go to see it now thanks bro!
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It was very influential on me. First time I downloaded music from an anime to listen to.
I heard there's a live action film in the works too?
Watched it, was garbage. Don't know why people love it so much. "Oh but it's got a great soundtrack". Yeah sure if you like jazz lmao
Yup love it. Watched it a few times though I haven't got around to watching the movie more than once though it was amazing as well.
i watched it, its cool, but overrated. not best anime ever.
still the best after all these years

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