Core Boot
by Halfskull - December 13, 2020 at 05:47 AM
Anyone using coreboot right now? would be curious to hear someone elses perspective on it. Completely open source boot firmware. Wish I could get a laptop with  this by default. Seems to work fine for me right now but time will tell.
The idea is definitely awesome. I'd love to have open source FW on all my devices.
That being said, my experience w/ coreboot wasn't really a satisfying one.
Specifically, it had some weird issues with detecting my RAM. First it only detected one of the two sticks.
And when I finally found a fix, I noticed that my (low voltage) RAM wasn't recognized at the correct speed.
Upon searching the net I found that this was a known issue with lv-RAM for which there wasn't a fix at the time.
Well, since I had paid good money for the extra boost in speed, I then settled for a modded version of the original BIOS (to at least be able to switch off Intel ME).
That was about a year ago. Haven't tried anything w/ coreboot ever since.

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