Cool Cat Terrorist
[Image: 614YKkVqQQL.jpg]

[Image: a7ae40c3769758f276d1249a2d180550.png]

[Image: Makarov.jpg]

[Image: Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-2-No-Russian.jpg]

[Image: a3d35b1738c1cd2e3c704d8c3d69adc8.png]

[Image: 272cffcb3529e0529de442603b283033.png]

[Image: c3d59f7f88de2ec08327ac1ba29efeac.png]

[Image: 6216cf421546e56d16ef13b4ad1baab6.png]

[Image: 423dd0491f52e32562622513007f2d25.png]
I'm not planning the next 9/11 attack!

Oooooh, I hate bullies!

[Image: cool_cat_doesn_t_love_you_by_bobsheaux-d9g93ho.jpg]
Remember, no Russians.

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