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Computer Build helperino
As of lately, I've been trying to build a computer..
but I don't have any idea what things I should get..

So I ask you guys for help, and I'll give you some guidelines.

-Ranging $400-$1000 as of pricing, including new mouse, keyboard, and what not. (However if you're adding in the monitor pricing, keep it out, got a monitor of my own lol..)

-Able to run games as of Payday 2, CS:GO, Killing Floor 2, and MGS5 at the least of 100-200 FPS

That's it!
#2 here you go, nice builds varying in price, update'ed frequently i would give this a look.
Here you go. I left out the videocard but if your max is $1000 you still have around $250 left for 1 you like.

You could also go for the i5 4690k , is $100 cheaper so you can get a more expensive GPU.

Whatever you decide, make sure you get an SSD.(even if it's an 128GB) That's really a life changer. Windows starts up in 15 seconds, AutoCad and Photoshop load in 3 seconds. Installing software goes really fast and you get some extra fps while gaming.
People that have an SSD can confirm.

This build will DESTROY any of those games.

Here's a PC that some dude built, it won't run all of those games at 100 fps but somewhere a little above 60 on highest settings.
It's relatively cheap and goes will with your budget too.

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