Complete switch to LInux
by trevorgaming - 01-20-2019, 01:09 AM
you can pretty much do anything in linux that you would want to do in microsoft. agreed though you'll miss out on gaming if that's your thing.
I did it and ended up regretting it. Linux is quite incompatible with many things but for me, it was worse. That's because I could run a 32 bit distro only. If you're into gaming and stuff definitely not. If you're into pentesting poisoning etc. Then surely Linux.
I think you should first try to install any linux distro on virtualbox or VMware and then if it suits you go for it.Ubuntu is best choice for beginners
I wouldn't recommend you to switch as linux still lacks support for lots of useful apps and is also much more unsafe compared to windows. the only reason it's subjectively more secure, is because there are less end users who use linux, and therefor i'ts not as interesting for attackers as windows is.
I'll suggest to run linux in a vmware virtual machine if you're not running an official server. It is easier to backup and can be easily restored if you mess with it.

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