Collection of port scans of the North Korean IPv4 subnets
by r4yyan - November 22, 2021 at 06:52 PM
I've started getting curious about the north korean internet and by doing some research i've found about they have only a very few IP addreses

currently they have four IPv4 subnets named "Ryugyong-dong", that are,,,, and by putting all togheter we can find that their entire subnet is that contains in total 1,024 IPs

doing my research i've found that also other people scanned the entire north korean network but all the scans were very old and outdated, so i wanted to make a repo that contained a lot of different daily scans of their network from different sides of the world to see if their network blocks traffic from specific countries

most of the scans here are under the 10,000 ports because otherwise if i scanned all the 65,535 ports the scan would took too much and from some test scans i found out that they don't have many open high ports

github link

you can find all the scans inside the 2021 folder

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