Collection #1-5 & Zabagur & AntiPublic (Latest 120GB) (1TB TOTAL) - Leaked, Download!
by Omnipotent - January 18, 2019 at 03:19 PM
thank you a lot for this one!
Thanks man!
(January 19, 2019 at 04:44 PM)Unicornos Wrote:
So yeah Everything here is reaploaded to so no worries about downloading the whole thing cheers

[Image: OvSV39h.png]

This is not the full pack. Below is from the "README" file in the torrent. 

Anyone has the full pack???

The following folders are missing (if they surface a 3rd torrent will be made):
- Half of Collection #2_New combo cloud_Database Collection_Dump расшифрованные
- Collection #2_New combo cloud_Database Collection_Dump HASH_HASH сборка
- Collection #2_New combo cloud_Database Collection_Dump HASH
- Collection #2_New combo cloud_Database Collection_Database Collection by ТЫ С4АСТЛNВ_Wildstart
- Collection #2_New combo cloud_Database Collection_Database Collection by ТЫ С4АСТЛNВ
- Collection #2_New combo cloud_Database Collection_DataBase's 23-05-2016_Linkedin
- Collection #2_New combo cloud_Database Collection_DataBase's 23-05-2016
- Collection #2_New combo cloud_Database Collection
- Collection #2_New combo cloud_BTC Collection
- Collection #2_New combo cloud_AbuseWithUs Logs
- Collection #2_Monetary combos
- Collection #2_MAIL access combos
- Collection #2_GAMES combos
- Collection #2_DUMPS dehashed
- Collection #2_BTC combos

This totals 98.82GB of missing content out of 945GB. However, most of it will be duplicates.

How do you guys search the files? Do you have a script?
Anyone have an estimate how many Mail adresses from Germany are contained?
THanks i'search it :D :D
This full pack or with missing folders from Collection #2 ?
I have been looking for it for a long time
what was original source of this database? Some darkweb forum or where did this get from?
I think there is nothing to say for this complete compilation. Thank you
Thanks for sharing!!!
tanks man really appreciate it

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