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Collaborative Hashing Database
Hello all,
    I am fairly new here, but I have sort've a neat idea. What if we were to put all of our hashing power together and create a public database where every hashed password was in a dictionary list. So when we went to crack the hash, instead of having to hash the password and then match it (which takes longer) it would already be in hashed form, so all you would have to do is input the desired hash and boom! 

    Essentially, it operates as a Google for hashes. It would be cool if it could be hosted by raidforums. Maybe we could call it rfhash or something stupid like that xD.

    Also, in order to encourage people to contribute, we could set up a PoW cryptocurrency called rfcash. Every unique hash someone submits for a specific encryption, they earn a % of the total hashes that are left to create. Each encryption is not worth the same. So MD5 hashes would be worth less than bcrypt hashes. 

    We could use rfcash on raidforums in replacement of credits, and maybe we could even get rfcash onto an exchange like polonex or something. 

    Would y'all be interested in something like this? I can program it, but if nobody is interested then I don't wanna do the work ;_; I'm gonna post a poll at the bottom of yes/no. I'll come back tomorrow and see what people think.
hashes.org already exists.
(04-18-2017, 10:08 PM)YellowThere Wrote:  hashes.org already exists.
hashkiller is another great alternative

But yes, I can see the point of this thread and would support this idea. I've seen a lot of passwords that could not be found in one of these 3 main websites for lookups, but that were still here in decrypted dbs. The credit thing is a step too far in thinking, but the idea of creating another lookup platform would be great.

As for the credit system you came up with, maybe it's alternatively also a good premium feature to move people into upgrading their profiles instead of another currency hassle.

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