Coins | Shop?
by Gaz - January 29, 2016 at 04:05 AM
@Predator has implemented a coin system for the forums.

>How to earn coins<

>Check who's rich<

>Donate to users<


Now my question is what will be implemented to this shop? This is new obviously and if I'm gonna be getting coins this better be worth the time/be good.

@Predator this better be good.

There also seems to be a small exploit with these coins. Anyone abusing this will face consequences, such as losing posting privileges. You have been warned.
Oh good. Now we have a greater reason to spam the forums Smile
Oi let me get Credits for my old posts.
In my opinion, it would be stupid to give credits for old posts. People with higher post counts would immediately have something over members with a lower post count.

To compare the effects, this would be the same situation as GODs and staff having OP powers when it comes to rep. Pretty much the same situation, just a different presentation.

I benefit either way, so dig your own grave.
I don't think Users should be given credits for the posts they have already made.

This is a fresh start for everyone, and it's fair now.
Okay sem

thnx for this

btw [Image: hi_penguin_by_freeminds-d5ilqmj.jpg]
Can i buy RF with these credits? Kappa
I didn't like the coins before but now I like it. Seems like people are more active and is it only for me that there is no items in the shop?
What kind of stuff could we sell in the store, extra perms? that would make it pointless for gods.

Maybe 300 credits for a name change 500 for new name colour?

Idk I'm just dreading my credits getting reset but ok.

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