Cisco IOS
by RaVe666 - November 03, 2019 at 09:43 PM
If anyone has seen/used Cisco IOS devices before, I'd need some help.
I scanned some business IP ranges in my town and stumbled upon an alarming amount of Cisco SDM (Security Device Manager) devices with port 23 (Telnet) open.
90% of them still had the default username and password (cisco) which is pretty funny seeing as the default cisco login has privilege level 15, the max. but here's my question:

Since Cisco SDM has it's own OS, Cisco IOS 12.4 in this case. What can i do with it? It has it's own CLI with a limited set of commands and none of them seem very useful for doing anything with the device itself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
alarming amount, what are the numbers? couple of hundreds or in thousands?

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