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Chrome Multi-Tool Extension
[Image: urfRGs3.png]

iJamesPHP Multi-Tool
I have created a multi-tool chrome extension that contains multiple tools:

- Skype Resolver
- IP Geo-Locator
- Ping IP address
- Host Resolver
- Cloudflare Resolver
- Fake Twitch E-Mail (E-Mails a specified address a perfectly formatted Twitch E-Mail with a custom message from "Twitch <[email protected]>" (Coming in next few days)

What the Fake E-Mail looks like:
[Image: y6pHRt4.png]

What the Extension looks like:
[Image: ZnRqrcx.png]

Embed the Multi-Tool on your own site:
[code]<iframe src="" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">

- Got a Google Developer License and added to Chrome Store
- Configured a user-friendly embed

Show ContentSpoiler:

Install Multi-Tool:
The multi-tool is on the Chrome Store Click Here to use it

Source Code:
Because of all the smelly niggers on RF that thought my extension was a RAT, wtf, I'm posting all my source-code, please don't re-upload it anywhere and claim it's yours.
Please keep in mind that the extension.php you have to host on a server because PHP is server-sided but I do already have it hosted for you at

Feel free to request tools to be added!

This is my own independent project and any support is much appreciated.
Donate to my PayPal here: [email protected]
Good when taking child streamer's lives away +1 from me
Ban reason: None (Permanent)
I will work on the design, wanted to get out fast for you guys though
but is it malicious Keepo
Wow, these are looking pretty good.... I'll be sure to check them out Smile
This looks pretty nice.
(10-07-2015, 10:54 PM)Slayer Wrote:  but is it malicious Keepo

No, not sure how I could prove it. It's an extension :p
All it really is, is a html popup with an <iframe> of a PHP page I have on my VPS
(10-07-2015, 10:55 PM)Strat0S Wrote:  Wow, these are looking pretty good.... I'll be sure to check them out Smile

Thanks! Will hopefully work on the design soon.
Hopefully the Twitch E-Mail spoofer i'm developing will revolutionise raiding XD
(10-07-2015, 10:57 PM)KingGoober Wrote:  This looks pretty nice.

Thanks alot! Do you have any requests or ideas for the multi-tool?
WOW! Best thing Ive ever seen from a Rftechpony Kappa
+rep for you
To everyone being Like "IS IT A RAT??"
If yes, just sue google :3
dont download this, along with a randi Rftechpony promoting it (possible multi), this could be an array of things like click hijack, phishing, or browser pwn. These are normally created in metasploit and uploaded to steal passwords and could lead to a backdoor.


i cant prove this because he could send modified source code and upload infected version
so gl guys

note: too back up my theory he uses h4cker talk on his

archive in case he changes:

[Image: 1FZwv4y.png]

ontop of the h4ck3r talk (nans) i did a search on the backend ip's
his webhost -

netherland host are commonly used for illigal purposes as they are the most secure and why would he use nl host? He is a eurofag so the norm is ect?

the host orangelemon was also associated with hosting several vpn servers and reddit users have tried gathering info from the third dump of ashley madison hack which lead to .... orangelemon

read more on this possible haxor -

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