China Credit Blacklist Database - Leaked, Download!
by eickr - July 05, 2018 at 01:31 AM
Hello RaidForums Community,
Today I have uploaded the China Credit Blacklist Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!

This database contains the exploit code showing how this data was gathered within the files. The database being a Credit Blacklist Datalist contains people's full information so use at your own risk as this information can be used for illegal activities. This database has no passwords. Website extracted from: (

Compromised data: ID Photos, Passport Photos, Birth Certificate Photos, Selfies with ID, Cell Phone Numbers, Owed Amounts, Physical Addresses, User's Alipay+Wechat Info, ID Numbers, Workplace Information (Work Cell Phone, Company Information, Company Manager Contact Data, Company Physical Addresses.), Credit Payment Logs.

Contents & SampleSpoiler
Keep in mind this file contains no passwords but it contains Wechat And Alipay information which is basically social media+banking in one App in china. The .7z File's MD5 Hash is C74A728BC58048B3548FE25CAB34A5FC
[spoiler=Sample][Image: P53_L6_L4_B_SNRCOITW3_WPLK.png][Image: image.jpg][Image: image.jpg][Image: image.jpg][Image: image.jpg][Image: 51_EGPX_E1_TW_5_RFEZF3_N.png][Image: PJL0_OHPHAX3_LG8_LE_W_QP.png]
.zip (Size: 1.16 MB / Downloads: 71)

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I wish everyone will share a test sample without hidden link.. this is good for all.. Appreciated.. Smile
Nice bro.. This is definitely worth more than 8 credits.
Nice one
Thanks mate! High value shit, hopefully the edits come out quality
There are total 1000 folders.. and i checked randomly.. all were different personals.. i dun understand chines but i can see different faces..

I think he removed link of main file.. @eickr can you confirm ? and if it is so.. please reupload it.. and if not possible for i'll do it.. Thanks.. Smile
Link was fixed, added sample.
These data leaked from
Unfortunately,These data are not first-hand data~
But it is still very valuable
Moved to official servers.
very very very very good
Good job.
That is important data.
Link down, waiting for a fix

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