Chill Zone and Incel Society
by JustHavingFun - April 24, 2021 at 12:34 AM
So this server I'm in is apparently called "Chill Zone" but they get easily rustled over the most innocuous of shit; that and have piss poor raid protection going off of this photo:

[Image: lol-retard.png]

if you're interested in it: here's the link:

and Incel Society; it's the same group of guys and the funniest part is that they are incels:
[Image: lol-retard-3.png]

which is ironic considering the same user posted this in a private message with me:
[Image: lol-retard-2.png]

if you're interested in that also, here's the link:
Primeiro Comando da Web", aka "PCW", is a Brazilian hacking group that has only dumbs that REALLY think they are smart, but no, they aren't smart.

If you think you can say an "a" about they, immediately is started a chase for you, but the only shit they really knows how to do is STOLE GitHub scripts and says that they created, send messages that crashes WhatsApp (aka "Trava Zap") and report you until your account become banned. Just kids without anything else to!

They doesn't just attack WhatsApp accounts,

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