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Checks your BTC lines for my private service. Instant pay 50/50
Checking your BTC lines (goods or dumps) for my service.

In the preference goods from sites like minergate.btc-e and other
Checking time can take from an hour to 24 hours, payments to the BTC address instant.
First I check your lines for validity, after I check them for my service
I also compare your lines with my already-checked ones
Revenue 50/50
Contact Jabber : [email protected] (Turn on your OTR at first!)
Important! if I suddenly did not write it off, then I lost you among users of Jabber and you 100% did not fall out, when I am finding the balance I write down nicknames and write it off to people by myself.
I am not working with Valid email:password

If I think that the database is bad, I delete it and stop checking.
[b]The topic only for reviews[/b]
what? im really confused
Ban reason: Leaking information about RF members in shoutbox. MSG me for proof. (Permanent)
Up! Need to work! I am still searching for new btc lines.

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