Checking if your server can spoof IPs
by MrBr - November 15, 2019 at 11:45 PM
This is a micro tutorial, mainly because its super easy to do. You need two servers for best results to test your ability to spoof IPs. PLEASE USE THIS METHOD INSTEAD OF THE CAIDA PROJECT CHECKER!!

On the new server (Server A), install scapy. This is usually accomplished by:
apt-get install python-scapy
following the instructions on scapy dot net (its super easy to install)

On your second server (Server B), have tcpdump running on a unique port, like 12399. Again, install is crazy easy:
apt-get install tcpdump

To test spoofing abilities:
SERVER A: 111.222.333.444 This is our spoof box's real IP
SERVER B: 444.444.444.444 This is our listener box's real IP

On SERVER B you're gonna setup a listener box by typing this:
tcpdump -i any -nnn port 12399 -c 1000

On SERVER A (spoofed box)  you're gonna type this command INSIDE OF SCAPY.
spoof = IP(src="", dst="444.444.444.444")/TCP(sport=12399,dport=12399)/"lolz"

send(spoof, count=1000)

If you're lucky you got a bunch of output on Server B. Congrats you can spoof everything!

If you're not lucky, you need to try again, but like this:
SERVER A type a revised scapy command using the server's real address, with a wildcard at the end:
spoof = IP(src="111.222.333.*", dst="444.444.444.444")/TCP(sport=12399,dport=12399)/"lolz"

Notice what we're doing? We scaled the spoofing back to try and just spoof the /24 or only 255 ips, you can keep replacing *'s until you get to src="*.*.*.*" to find your actual spoofing abilities.

Best of all, you will be keeping things off of Caida's radar and help preserve some of the hosts that are still spoofing. Hope this helps!

  --------                   ---------
|      A     |   ----->   |      B      |
| |              | I hear it  |
|             |              |              |
  --------                   ---------
Thanks for share...let's try this spoofing method
Nice share, thanks for reminding me of this trick!
sleak, thanks..........................

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