Cheapnet Wireless 316k users Nov 2019
by JimmySavage - November 14, 2019 at 02:27 PM
[Image: r9CJ42w.png]

Thanks to 0xTay for this leak 

In November 2019 Cheapnet suffered a data breach which exposed 316k records of its users
Compromised data: username, emails, address, names, email, passwords(SHA-1), and other information
Sample of usersSpoiler
2002-05-14 12:15:50,024694355,\N,\N,a-123456,\N,dd5fef9c1c1da1394d6d34b248c51be2ad740840
2013-01-22 22:10:03,057122703,3384200112,\N,a-ackon,[email protected],af04e23e9e2212a0156037a136c9e66cd54c13e5
2007-10-02 21:20:57,0414266613,\N,0415625188,a-agostini,[email protected],7c222fb2927d828af22f592134e8932480637c0d
2004-02-05 18:43:16,0054210000,\N,\N,a-andrea,\N,4d0fb475b242228032cbdf6d53924d2538df037b
2007-01-26 17:43:23,0565856749,\N,\N,a-angelo,\N,4d0fb475b242228032cbdf6d53924d2538df037b
2005-10-04 22:37:32,059376500,\N,\N,a-barbieri,\N,a5bba5fd484f9f1bae4765d693514b21ec548a90
2010-03-28 16:21:06,04211871513,\N,\N,a-barbieri71,[email protected],8ccb5427407acc438a6e02b9c659ae5155d12eae
2007-09-07 19:02:59,0000000000,\N,\N,a-basile,\N,1822e761f9d78f7e39c52d0055622f0daca53151
2005-05-21 22:01:25,067766545,\N,\N,a-bianchi,[email protected],f816e7dca28dd282dcc88bd461cf9fdb9f0f4876
2008-03-07 16:35:49,0825442009,\N,\N,a-caggiano,\N,6344665ffeda5dc20418e1e27f380efedb2730d6
2010-03-08 13:24:08,080763223,\N,\N,a-campanelli,\N,c14b005981e91072bb3fc0efe46f3adf623f7ff5
2007-02-06 15:23:14,3387474843,\N,\N,a-carraro,\N,164cb045c605ef5bc158bf5b897eef6b11700a94
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This thread deserves a bump
thanks for sharing kido! cheers mate
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Move to official server please
getting file removed on link. please update.
(November 19, 2019 at 06:46 PM)MrDB Wrote: getting file removed on link. please update.

Link has been updated.
yeah thanks for this

(I just don't have those 8 credits so I could download this, but anyway ...)
The link on this thread has been updated as I post this, if you find that the link is down again please report the thread using the report feature.
thanks for the share man keep the good dbs coming.
This thread has a bad link, please reply to the message you were sent so I can replace the current link and reinstate your thread.

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