Cheapest safe drugs [not weed tho]
by DominusTre - May 27, 2018 at 06:11 PM
me and 4 of my friends are thinking of trying something new not weed.

We don't want anything like cocain or a class a drug.

We are just looking for something that would be easy to get a hold of and is a pretty decent high.
- Let me know what you guys think below.
balloons most likely.
Fuck that, get some DMT
Life don't get you as fucked up as 1g MD, fuck life Smile
maybe you should try some mushrooms? :)
Might as well pop pills my guy.
Shrooms - FREE, if you know where to look
but it's not a party drug, I do not recommend taking it with other people. I was taking shrooms a lot of times and I think it's the best to do it alone (of course don't take hardcore doses of it unles you are experienced in psychedelics)
There is plenty of things out there that wont break the bank. Really depends on what you are looking for. You can do xanax, painkillers, mdma, psychedelics. I would reccommend psychs, they are very cheap compared to the high and you'll make a stronger bond with the people you do them with, and maybe you'll learn a thing about yourself and the world around you.

Edit: Also Alcohol.
LSD It's very cheap if you get it from a supplier like gamma or someone. It's also a very diffrent experience than weed but I suggest you research into it if you are going to try it!
Try lsd its safe if you try only one tab
ecstasy... no comment. especially the first time Smile
ibuprofen is the way to go my bros

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