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Boisterously announced, Charlotte was supposed to be a tear squeezer more effective than onions. The work of the creators, above all, Clannad and Angel Beats could be the title, which will yield to the biggest tough guys and Robert Bruneika himself should use several packs of tissues during the screening. "Could" ... because it came out a bit below expectations.
The first episode was a sad collision ..
Why do you feel sad collision with first episod?
Geez, haven't you heard of not using black text on a black background? Do you mean sad as in it was a tear jerker? or Sad as in it was disappointing? I think that that Charlotte was pretty good
wow you would put black text and this vBulletin theme
I have no idea what charlotte is
wow you would put black text and this vBulletin theme
Had to highlight your post to read mate. And I agree Charlotte was a trainwreck, but I still enjoyed it. The little sister annoyed me for some reason

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