Celaeons using us...
He's using us for money.
I just found this out wtf!
this is fucked, share this link to everyone you know wtf:

Celaeons using us.
10/10 you got me good there friend :^)
God damn it, I don't know what I was expecting.
u think u know a person

rip maymays
Dont jump to conclusions like that
Hey bud, in case ha didn't know, most if not all YouTubers that have a certain view count make money. Plus, he isn't using you, I know him well and he genuinely has fun doing what he does, regardless of wether he makes money doing it

Inb4 this is bait and I'm a faggot
not sure if triggerbait or overall bad bait...
Moved to shit posts. >.>
He can use me all he wants, Im just glad to get enjoyment from his videos 

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