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Cards Against Humanity, codes
Some of  you might not recognize a link like this,, this is a link to the game Cards Against Humanity Online version.  It is pretty funny game and members of raidforums play it sometimes. Here is a funny example, [Image: gWlsUaA.png]

Here are codes for decks that can be used to add some spice to your game.

5RA7H - 1001 Waluigi White Cards
H94KK - WTF with, 144 black cards and 562 white cards. 
GXG7J - Underage is a myth, with 0 black cards and 20 white cards. 
KPJRX - MLG Illuminati Shrek Questions
BTQBU - This deck is for private eyes only
2M4XM - hitler
UN83W - Notice me Hitler senpai (=undefined=)
CVTVG - Xyzzy 
ZSVBE - Dank Memes
WJC73 - Mega Deck
KPJRX - MLG Illuminati Shrek Questions
GWFZG - The Biggest, Blackest Deck
27G8J - Sexual Deviance
G9RHX - Best Of: Mega Pack
WGNWA - Cards For Sociopaths
AWH3Q - By Assholes, For Assholes (Fixed by The5heep)'
VUK84 - Stupid Deck (by Mike_Oxlong)
X46QM - AvianDip's Addition
BUW2D - TheBuddy'sGuideToBeingAnAsshole
C7RZD - RaidForums Themed Deck creds @John

Use command /addcardcast {code}

The best card in the game looks like this, "_____", you can add any text you want.

-If you have more codes that you want added to this just hmu and make sure you have $5 in your bitcoin wallet.
Thanks for the codes, gonna try this out next time I play with some friends!
Thanks for the codes

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