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Can we stop using YouNow streams as targets?
All YouNow has is narcissistic teens who are too smart to be tricked into doing stupid shit, occasionally you get minor psychotic episodes which can be funny but that's it. The only reason people go there is because they are cam whores.

Seriously stop posting the links in the chatbox.
You were literally posting a younow link 10 minutes ago. I bet you just couldn´t raid him and now you´re mad about it.
Lmao totally agree with Moonm8
Truly, it's a better target. They're completely unaware of whats happening or what raiding is. Just let it go in my honest opinion. You should just give up on asking the question, nobody will agree.
Yeah I also recall you posting a YouNow raid earlier.
Also, they're not even near being too smart, if you actually took part in some of the raids, and if you had actually been on RF for more than 2 - 3 days, you'd know that raiding teenage girls on YouNow can be funny as fuck. Some of them are hilarious, in many cases I actually prefer YouNow over Twitch, since Twitch is pretty much just the same stuff over and over, and only like 1/20 of the Twitch raids are worth watching later on on YouTube.
Youknow is the best for raiding with the amount of exposure twitch raiding has its difficult to find unaware people, but younow has much more emotional teens and people looking for supportm which we excel at.
i made a girl delete system32 on younow...
YouNow is so good for raiding. Twitch streamers are used to getting trolled and only a small majority fall for "System 32". Here on YouNow these kids are blind and know nothing about it. They are easy to dox etc... I'm enjoying You Now raids more often than Twitch.
I honestly don't see the problem, I think YouNow is a good hunting ground if you're a hunter on the prowl, you feel me?
To be honest younow raids are funnyier than twitch raids
Majority of the kids on YouNow are dumb and funny as fuck because they have no idea about computers. Only problem I have with it is that when ya banned I cba to make a gmail account just for a raid
Yeah younow raids are better

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