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Can dreams be a catalyst of truth?
Last night I had a wonderful dream, I found the answers to many questions I have been asking myself for a long time. Do you think dreams can be the catalyst of actual truth? Should you take them serious some times? I think they can hint towards truth. It's weird but in a way they can tell you things about yourself you otherwise would not even have considered. Does anyone else experience it this way?
Take LSD and you will see real shit
yeah man... trust your dreams.. just dont take them literally.
what is truth? the beacon of reality perhaps
dreams are a reflection of our experiences and thoughts, our fears and dreams.
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Dreams can be pretty cool and you can learn some shit about yourself m8
who knows what dreams are.. no point even debating lol
There are two types of dreams, objective and subjective. Subjective dreams give insights into the subconcious, while objective dreams are just the brain's way of sorting through day-to-day garbage and stresses

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