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Calling peoples numbers online for free?
I tried using Hangout, It wont work. The number is for a google number I believe.
It's pretty easy to get hooked up with free Skype credits and Skype premium if you have the right connections, but Hangouts is really the best option.

Don't be an autistic skid-fag, just Google how to do a Hangout chat. I know you want to be a little independent grown boy now, but reaching out to Google for help is never a bad thing.
The best way is Google Hangouts. Unless you have a credit card then use skype credits/premium.
I use google hangouts and it should work for you btw.
Google Hangouts are very easy to use and great for calling US numbers and plus you are hard to trace as it goes back to Google Services. But if you are going to do some dumbass shit put a VPN on and don't do it on RaidForums.

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