Calling All Sand Niggers
Alright listen here, Me and @MagicalMuhammadTheSandNigger are creating something this site has never seen before, and that is the sites first sand niggers only raid team. We plan to call ourselves fariq zinji alrramal (or Team Sand Nigger for you infidels). Currently, there are only 2 members, and I have heard that there are, at the least, 4 or 5 other sand niggers out there, so whet are you waiting for? Post in this thread to show the infidels what you've got!
We must kill all the Zionist Jews.
come on where are u ?
Sorry, I don't live in the Middle-East or Morocco.
okay can i join iam a nigger and everyone thinks iam cancer
(10-13-2015, 05:45 PM)DeadCat2 Wrote:  okay can i join iam a nigger and everyone thinks iam cancer

Sandniggers only.
sorry i forgot iam a sandnigger

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