CVE-2019-7238 Nexus RCE
by teamkelvinsecteam - January 13, 2020 at 04:45 AM
[Image: screenshot-gui.png]

ook the time to write this small tool in java, which supports one-click detection of the CVE-2019-7238 vulnerability, executes system commands, and supports two ways of using the graphical interface and the command line. This tool is only used by security practitioners to the extent permitted by laws and regulations, and the consequences of illegal use are at your own risk.
Thanks bro, i think the tools from trustedsec cool to
very nice tool lolz i like the china crap they make without translation lolz
I like Chinese teams , they do sometimes very good researches. Thanks for sharing this one!
thanks kelvin it looks like a nice tool
Thank you so much for sharing, friendly man

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