CSV www.artworkshopwithpaul.com Full database dump
by awpsn - May 12, 2021 at 02:38 PM
Hey guys,

I've dumpedĀ www.artworkshopwithpaul.com whole database. You can see in following sample data in the database.

Quote:CompanionID Fax Email Title Confirm Country TimeKey HowFound Interest LastName Password FirstName AdminAccess Postcontact Emailcontact
27 <blank> [email protected] Mr Yes GB NULL <blank> <blank> green 7c222fb2927d828af22f592134e8932480637c0d (12345678) Vera 1 TRUE 1
53 <blank> [email protected] Mr 0 GB Recommendation <blank> Taggart 43f37c2fb1f5905a4a0f413e2d14142bf41400fc Paul NULL TRUE TRUE
57 <blank> [email protected] Mr 1 GB NULL Through a Search Engine <blank> Bentley viking Michael NULL TRUE TRUE
63 <blank> [email protected] Mr 0 GB NULL Recommendation <blank> Taggart 107c4909ca669ec7eca078042b2937d6bbcebc27 Paul 1 TRUE TRUE
95 <blank> [email protected] Mrs 0 US NULL Through a Search Engine <blank> Henry frog123 Eileen N NULL TRUE TRUE

It has 2k user records with emails, password hashes, first names, last names, country, etc.

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Thank you.
Still vulnerable to SQL Injection

Yeah, It is still vulnerable to SQLi
In my mistake, this download link is not availablele. If you want to download this database please contact me via telegram. https://t.me/awpsn

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