CSV Free more than 100K American employees' db
by Alxzifn - September 23, 2021 at 04:59 AM
Hey Guys

Here's some free db

I hope y'all enjoy it

there is: Full name  -   dob    -  phone number   -    ssn     -   Full address    -     email     -    usr & pass of thier account 
Download below: Hidden Content
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Checked out a few lines  - real persons. Seems like not fake. Most of the records are of the aged people.

Column list:

hello how to get without credit
Awesome, pal, if this should work. It would be really great
This cracks me up, have not seen people jumping at this all day. Great set of records, should be private, where I will store my copy. lol !

If you run into anything like it, let me know. PM me !!
Hi I downloaded it but the password to extract it is not correct, please help me, thanks
thank you, lets try to see this one
Looks good dude! Thanks for the share
well working .. ...................................... uuu
What I know

Free mean = no money $

They whey 8 credits?
how to download without having credits?
hello how to get without credit

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