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Fuck Coke Pepsi here :D
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Coke for sure even though its hella bad for ya xD Sweet Tea otherwise Tongue
yeah totally right... coke is best dude!
i do prefer pepsi before coke
(08-03-2017, 04:20 AM)mjtue9393 Wrote:  I like coke, how about you guys? 

I prefer water. That the best !
And free
Pepsi, it tastes better.
neither i prefer miranda orange instead of this
I agree!!! Coke is by far the superior and tastes better!! Tongue
Pepsi 100%. I dont understand when people say they cant tell the difference there is a huge difference
well i prefer the twisted version of pepsi with lime Smile
I know its weird... but I like pepsi^^
Neither. Colas are not enjoyable to me

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