CMS Mass Checker
by thirtythreenine - December 15, 2020 at 09:15 PM
Today I share you an simple bash script that I make today using the wappalyzer CMS Detection, and Live Website Checker

[Image: Screenshot-1.png]
[Image: Screenshot-2.png]

Requirements :

-Npm & Node.js 12 or Higher
For usage : bash <websites.txt> <cmslist.txt>
For cmslist.txt, I mean you have to check the CMS able on /src/technologies.json , and add to your cmslist.txt , you have to respect the case sensitivity.
You can also check Laravel, Drupal, Shopify ... I let you check by yourself to know more about the technologies supplied.
When a CMS is detected the website goes on a .txt file, for example WordPress.txt , Joomla.txt ...
To Install :

You have to unzip the
Type the following commands :
npm install
npm run link

And then you are ready for scan

Thanks a lot op, greatly appreciated Smile
Somebody posted something similar. Time to find out which is the better software haha. Will follow up soon
e8t27a2U0FIEBrwq4Fe8t27a2U0FIEBrwq4Fe8t27a2U0FIEBrwq4F thank bruski
thanks for the upload. good work
Thank you very much friend!
very useful.
Thanks a lot man. Really appreciated.

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