[CHEAP & LEGAL] NETFLIX GIFTCARDS (4-8-12-24-36 Months)
by SHAMASH - February 05, 2020 at 04:50 PM

Hi RF Members, I'm employ in company that Authorized Re-seller in MENA. i have more then 285 Digital Products with unique cheap prices, i choosing the cracking forums to sell my products because i want to make my job and my interestings in same place. i use SHAMASH nickname cuz it's a name one of the ancient goddess who lived in my city. my name is UTU and glad to share you my deals... let's begin

What's NETFLIX ?
it's an American media-services provider and production company offering movies and series in worldwide languages, headquartered in Los Gatos, California, founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scott's Valley, California.
[Image: lpo34br.jpg] [Image: DeLSJMm.jpg] [Image: C64M4wW.jpg]

in Netflix we offer two methods ( Shared Accounts + Private Accounts 'Gift cards' ) take a look at the difference: 
- in the shared method you pay only 25% of the private accounts
- in the shared method you got only 1 Connection/Device and in private you got full account
- in the private account you can change every thing in the account and in the shared you can't control outside your profile
- in the private accounts there's no rules but in share there's, take a look to the SHARED Accounts Rules ↓
[Image: AkF1kF9.png]

[Image: hXoSnSh.png]
[Image: P4Y1rIP.png]

if you have one device only i suggest you to chose the shared accounts its cheap and controlled with strict rules and our company have more then 106 active groups (Shared accounts) right now from world wide [USA-MENA-GERMANY-TURKEY-FRANCE-ITALY etc...] look it some of them as prof: 
[Image: cPErWGw.jpg][Image: uvh4Lw1.jpg]
More images available here: https://imgur.com/a/LKhVw4X

Q/ do you have chat groups for your customers we can ask them ? 
A/ yes we have more then 9 Groups on telegram for our customers and 1 secret group for active paid customer we gives them weekly gifts as giveaways. but here we didn't share any URLs forum because it against the RF rules.
Q/ in shared accounts if some one change the account email and password what will do ?
A/ if some one of the account group members share the accounts details or change it we'll recover the accounts within 5 minutes and give all members 7 days free to their subscription period (except the mistaken member will be warned and banned if it's second time)
Q/ what's the payments methods that you accepted ? 
Bank Cards / worldwide Bank Transfer / ZCASH / BTC / Payonner / sometimes PP / SKRILL / more then 55+ payment methods
Hi, How do I purchase 12 month shared account ?
wesome dude.. good share
(February 11, 2020 at 01:48 PM)gud53 Wrote: Hi, How do I purchase 12 month shared account ?

right now there's now shared profiles until 13 Feb. there's only Gift cards (Private Accounts) for all plans (BASIC/Standard/Premium)
There's a telegram group for my customers: t.me/Arab_Services
There's a telegram Channel for New offers: t.me/Netflix_MENA

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