CBT´s Random Ranting 3#
by CBT - April 16, 2021 at 03:17 AM
Topic : Security
Why cant people just use a proper Password Manager or just a different Alias or Email, everytime i have to see people crying about their account randomly getting locket out of it, and begging their local family person that knows a "little" more than they do for advice, they dont understand you can call most of these services and get your account back, especially google,
Instagram etc, people are just too incompetent to use a random alphanumerical mix shit just so they can be secure, i dont know what is happening but soo many people fall for spam ads, spam,ip loggers or just any kind of bait, people need to start adapting and realizing Security is important, youll only notice how important it is when you have none/ or its too late, ill make an example: you have a House with a straw door, you got a Solid wood door inside your home, now you are thinking yea nothing will happen, my Straw door will protect me, and if something happens ill just put on the Wooden Door, then someone breaks into your home due to your straw door being made out of Straw and steals everything leaving you only with your Wooden Door behind, you lost everything. Hopefully that was understandable, the Wooden Door Resembled it being Open to anyone, everyone got the chance to be Secure just has to put up some effort setting it up, and the straw door resembles people who think if somethink happens ill just do this and this, better to be careful than to regret it Later by Loosing everything, yea you can recover yourself out of such situation, but how are you gonna do it?, if you didnt even care about your Security beforehand, its not even that hard to understand, every site other Credentials, Possibly not Written down, atleast 12 Characters, its just pure Faggotry, people being like this.
My family members keep forgetting their passwords and always come asking me to help them fix it. I've told them multiple times to use a password manager and explained how they work but no, they don't want to use it because it could get hacked or some bullshit. So then they end up using a shitty password like: word + sequential numbers. At this point I'd settle for them writing it down as long as it's a secure password.
I think your biggest enemy here is rain wind and animals.....that will mess your straw door up instantly >.<
The last line I think is the most honest, you are talking about general/normal public/persons/people, fools everywhere
Why get angry over peoples stupidity? Like we're aware of their fails, but its not like they impact us personally, stop being angry over something that don't affect you.

Unless of course you're getting shit from people who forget their passwords, then yeah... fuck 'em.

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