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dude I personally belive in you, Pop the molly once more m8 fight until your legs give out, and thn use your hands to crawl the rest of the way. #Popthemollyoncemore
(08-23-2015, 01:30 AM)Tweedler Wrote:  When will you fix shoutbox?

lmao when will he fix anything Kappa
You deserve everything Heart
does anybody have the original message? @D4N rekt it Cry
(09-19-2015, 06:38 AM)HITLERGAS Wrote:  does anybody have the original message? @D4N rekt it Cry

"All of you may know me as that random new dev, or ex-dev, You know the guy that got randomly doxxed, skype leaked, facebook leaked, picture leaked. And not only that, fucking moderators are going around posting pictures and gifs of me in the SB, So, IDGAF that I got doxxed I also lost my dev, and I have been working my FUCKING ass off for the past 2 days trying to bring you all a better HOA, Well FUCK YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE FUCKING ASSHOLES AND TREAT ME LIKE A PRICK, IM FUCKING DONE, GOOD LUCK YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES, TRY AND GET A REAL FUCKING LIFE, I am Requesting removal from RF as I feel it is a toxic FUCKING community and I hate almost everyone here, Bye

Atleast there are some nice people like @[MVP] and some, SO FUCK OFF YOU PRICKS"
(08-23-2015, 10:53 AM)poinl Wrote:  Sick irony. Comes to manage the HOA -> ends up in HOA.

[Image: image?id=98053]
RIP Pancakes. A tribute.
[Image: 8ymj5LT.png]
rip in macroni and cheese Kappa

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