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Hello everybody.
I don't know who has any idea who I am.
But I want to tell you all that I quit this "community"..
IDK it is becoming boring to raid people...
also Third Party Sources and Web of Trust say that there is distribution of malware on this site (Hack tools):
[Image: c8ZWTiZ.png]
[Image: vcOIdte.png]

and I don't like being part of this community, I'm not insulting any of you, but it is really weird to see 6-year olds begging you to don't post them on the Internet...
I like trolling... but not that much
And I'm not that kind of user who DOX or DDOS people... I don't like that

So again I'm telling you that I'm not insulting any of you... but I will just quit this community... because of the bad reputation and everybody insulting this community.
And don't worry. I won't be that kind of jerk and stay on the Shoutbox, wait for raids and drop your name... I won't do that. I promise.
Bye everybody.
Also, bye mods. You were the best moderators I met... and I'm not joking.

(sorry if the subforum is wrong)
I didnt know who you are but from that post you seem like a nice person
Wow. Good thing I don't download anything from this site. Anyways, goodbye.

All of the download links are checked by @[GOD] Hawk and sometimes me. There is no malware and everyone outside this community gets it all wrong. We are not going to post fucking pictures of 6-year olds or 8-year olds. If they start crying it means we went too far, but if they fucking cover their xbox in aluminium and then put it in the oven, they are really stupid and they deserve that.

EDIT: And WE DO NOT steal Bank Accounts/Money. I don't know who told these users on third-party websites that. Probably they didn't visit the site to realize that stealing money is going way too far and we don't do that(plus it's illegal).
Ban reason: Unbanned without reason by Nain ~ (Permanent)
Even though I don't believe I've met you it's sad to see you go, enjoy the rest of your life I hope you've enjoyed your time here on raidforums and gained some fun memories.

PS. All of the virus's are clearly labeled in the appropriate sections of the forum and are designed to help with raids or other tasks, you would have to be stupid download and run one.
Good luck, my friend. May life take you in a good direction.
Okay, whatever you say. See you next week.
Ciao. See ya later m8.
K bye Fam, we wont miss you.
May Harry Potter have mercy.
He won't. That's a fact.
He'll be like : 'omg is dis the new voldemort, o better kill him XDDDD'

Seriously though, here are some things we don't do :
Steal Bank / Money.

Post CP (Child Pornography)
Post Malware / Viruses.

Give a fuck.

Things we do :
Raid. ( And if a kid microwaves their laptop it's not our fucking fault. It's just because the kid is stupid. )
DDoS. Yes. We do it. Fuck off.
Don't give a fuck.

Thank you for your co-operation and have a nice day!~ Heart
so who are you bruh
Can we all please have a moments of silence for our fallen comrade.

R.I.P You will be sorely missed.


Your Sincerely ~ TheOnlyAnonymous

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