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edited by D4N彡

muh aesthetic pancakes彡彡彡彡彡彡彡彡

am s0rri b0ss
lemme suck that dick bro
you were never a real developer anyway...
When will you fix shoutbox?
1.No1 posted ur facebook 2.U want to get perma banned? That means people are allowed to dox u and sent pizza 3."maqi" also known as muqi said "I forgot the Kappa " wich means he was joking about "defending" you
SPAM [Image: 396181569bdef9119ecc91648a687555.gif]  TO PAY RESPECTS
if u leave rf that would mean we can full out dox you Smile
Should've been careful with your footsteps, and shouldn't have pissed off the wrong people.
I mean RIP pancake.
Umm.. Okay.. Goodbye enjoy life..
I though you being DEV was a joke lol
I saw you like once. anyway. seeya later. try not to be doxxed
Thanks for picking our new name
[Image: 5e03725788c03eec62060545fdbdb0e4.png]

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