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Buying MySpace full Email:Pass (Plaintext)
the title basicly says it all buying myspace full email:pass dehashed pm me
how much you can offer for it?
look pm i have this, check pm
Ban reason: Scamming g3gi, if you believe this to be a mistake please appeal your ban. (Permanent)
same question- how much you can pay for it?
Some info about the decryption before you buy this.

The most users in the public file have just one sha1 hash appended. This hash is derived from a truncated password. In this case every password is cut at 10 characters and put in lowercase. The only way to reveil the real password is to use the second hash with the user_id as a salt (sha1(salt.pass)). But less than half of the lines are missing the second hash. So there are a lot of so called founds that might be longer than the actual founds or might be missing some uppercase characters.

So it's your decision wether you think this is worth to buy.

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