British children more worried about Trump than global warming and nuclear war, study
by luther513 - January 24, 2018 at 07:29 AM
why should we care what yellow teeth britbong teens think?
They aren't even in the USA why should they worry
(January 24, 2018 at 07:31 AM)rivaldo Wrote: why should we care what yellow teeth britbong teens think?

lol tru
if they think like teenagers, how will they think when they grow up ...
i would worry about brexit...
quote from a twitter user:
"Some things UK has lost in last 18 months: - EU Medicines Agency - EU Banking Authority - Galileo Security Monitoring Centre - ECMWF Weather supercomputing - European Capital of Culture - International Criminal Court judge - Vote to Mauritius at UN - Global influence and respect"
"Childen" are still unmature.
This is the most retarded article I have ever seen but yes there's a massive leftist propaganda scheme going around on the UK at this current time.
"British children" Enough said, why would they even bother making an article about it? lmao

Everytime i hear news about people worrying about what Trump's doing i remember this

Maybe they're worried that he's winning too much? Trump warned us about this,

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