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Brexit - Good or Bad for UK
(06-16-2017, 09:10 AM)Lordhint Wrote:  If the UK wants to sell goods in the EU, they'll have to follow most EU regulations anyway. What's the difference?

This not about regulation but they will be need make renegotiations about everything with each country separately.
And they have only 2y for this to do Smile
TEurope has been degenerating the past months anyways.
Remove kebab all the way man....... Smile
It is nice to see our great nation of Britain to be free from the tyrannical communist EU that wants to federalise Europe.

They forget we liberated them from the equally spectacular nazis in 1944.

They are making a big fuz from nothing but generally it's a good thing for them other EU countries are struggling and they depends a lot in the help from big eu countries
I think it's pretty good as we shed off a lot of money thats used for silly causes but at the same time it'll have a lot of bad effects, idk really.
I personally voted against it. But I do understand why people see it as a good thing.
Partly it is good and on the other hand, partially bad.
When isolated from the EU, they will have to go and look for allies! This might be a good thing.
I like the idea of Brexit, but it doesn't work for our wellbeing.
Separation is never good. The problem in UK is not the EU, it's their politicians.
nobody even knows what the fuck is going on with Brexit for real

the government will probably just delay it and sucker people into being content with it being ''in progress''

most people who voted for it were either the people who were influenced by propaganda or thought that Brexit would mean getting rid of BLACK NIGGERS (no lie if this was part of it the crime rate would drop)

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