Brazil or the United States?
by raidleak - 01-18-2019, 10:45 PM
I need your help, because I am in doubt which of the two is the best country.
(01-18-2019, 10:45 PM)raidleak Wrote: I need your help, because I am in doubt which of the two is the best country.

both are horrible countries
Brazil looks scary as fuck from the videos ive seen, gang activity to the equivalent of cartel in Mexico. But the same thing happens in the U.S so Can't really compare violence
In both they'll kill you because a lot of people carry guns, but I would prefer the U.S.

Not because I like the NSA or so, but just because of the living standards there. And because Brasil gets fucking hot sometimes.
I'd like to visit Brazil so much! it looks like an amazing country, however, its so dangerous i'll probably end up never vistiing it. :(
Brazil has one of the highest murders per capita in the world. USA has the MCrib.
well i think usa is better, over all.
USA is better, I guess...?
They're both horrible I guess, in their own ways. No offense given.
Never been to Brazil, would like to. But with that in mind, probably have to go with USA. Only because I've actually got an idea what it's like, compared to Brazil the quality of life has to be at least a bit better.
Probably USA for me, never been to Brazil and have not really got the interest to visit.

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