BlueFag Army
The Blue-Fag Army

What is the blue fag army?

The blue-fag army is a group that consists of all blue named members.
We take our hatred towards all other colours with the most violent of ways, this inclueds actions such as Spam, Fagging, Shitposting, Uprisings and singing our song.

What is the army's coat of arms?

[Image: eu-nazi-flag.jpg]

Why do we exist?

So other colours can fuck off like the little cunts they are.

What is our song?


Blue fags rule
Other colours shall suck our dicks

We shall rule Raidforums
And make them HEIL our king blue allah

Our children fight
Till' everyone blue

Our blood shall burn
On our victory

When we rule,
The others shall bow

You shall give up your
Life for the glory of Allah 

HEIL our glorious leader
And our eyes shall glow

Dropping bombs on slaves
Making them dig more

They don't work enough
So we gas the green-fags
All heil the blue fag!
HEIL our great leader
Bluefags gonna bluefag, Its ok you are a blue fag. Im here to show you the way
Sorry, too busy in the Skeleton Army right now.
Taking out some fuckbois right now tbh

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