BlackHatProTools Database - Leaked, Download!
by Anonjack - September 26, 2018 at 08:14 PM
Hello RaidForums Community,
Today I have uploaded the BlackHatProTools Forum Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!

On the 7th of September 2018, the black hat forum Black Hat Pro Tools had around 110k users' data breached.

Compromised data: Usernames, Email Addresses, IP Addresses, Passwords (vBulletin)

Keep in mind this breach's password hashing algorithm is salted MD5 or also known as vBulletin >= v3.8.5. The .7z File's MD5 Hash is 6860016A961D3A5F6967908A9C423F09. Total record count of 110161.
hitmachine    [email protected]    50f319dde82733e084bbfa5c903715df:4Dl^gMrEd4`~DK3\HxBVv/'[email protected]<a0_
Zetsu001    [email protected]    621bcfa0c7f16531920c693dd49c81a8:,[email protected]$bvuZp<8cfO.5/fmg?,:
nooneknows    [email protected]    591b7aec39286cfe128183dd0c0604f0:/jzSIwEPj#/N%<[email protected](F:>m#\v
darthvader    [email protected]    3a2a2822a073eb4fc682b295a542ba3f:GU#XW8\pM:XI2wr0^=C9~Y*]AM:~/|
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not bad

110160 line

fields in file:
  • username
  • email
  • ip
  • salt md5
The-Dictator [email protected] 0d0a23c240e99a0226e853bbe76f7bc3:C<$(W|m_D+h[JCe.PYgkjge1*lwBoP
Pioneer [email protected] 90ac1722da6e46ecc34583ca10bab090:M6)DvE1FEQ8.mU#;^zC3BKKcEJEUF;
Totolato [email protected] 9e49e6487722e3e4f0f8a8d4d15dff38:;[email protected]\c}W`"]nI6;,RSq2
Darkness [email protected] efa5c8f726306b0e4e38df8c0e17d55d:~b~pUiI}Yg{%^'8H&>|,JRmqfa[;]<
Aston77 [email protected] 16d23a8c88982fbaa484ecde8fbcee3e:&IU?2}[email protected]=TkAu4>qSp%zt~q12k
xrumerPYC [email protected] f0aa9df5731b0d3d8e16338e3d5726b4:](neP<hM_)Y?I8k7'qJS]jT5,WC!t~
samrt987 [email protected] 05f4f0a326d236514fd5bd51dd7b0f43:363GgAK]1e^Ll12cCG"FYra{h`ZrdF
federes [email protected] c609509f81c3b0668c82e0d6c6e8f92a:g$o-(Dd\21iV"sC?dhH>&<_;qYB9y^
clshoes [email protected] 3637d3496ae84555da4ce6ac2266a183:f7,;Tqs9_IQT0fv1.W<s$^V66}FHRg
sanmay [email protected] 466860057a7f4bbb8223b231ed7638b1:6tmNK4Hx.HN]T<d~a;u|z7aXj=&\Lp

thank u!
thanks for the share ; hhhh wonder wich exploit
thx for dump dude!!!
in 20 days forum added 10k members? current Members 120,495
Thanks anonjack1337 for share with everyone.
nice share. appreciate this
(September 27, 2018 at 04:05 PM)tit Wrote: in 20 days forum added 10k members? current Members 120,495

July 9th, not September 7th.
Its in English not American that's why its July. Thanks @ponychan lmao.
nice share!

About the increased users so fast, lots of forums get spam signups but that's just normal noise in data
thank you man,,,,,,,
Thank you brother! Gonna check this out right now!

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