Black Friday
by olgatami33 - November 04, 2019 at 11:18 AM
Hi!  what are you planning to buy online?  is there unique site to find some good things?
prob games
games and hacking shit. get the most of it before the original price.
I don't like this Black Friday, it's not a good day for business !
I want a laptop and desktop and better keyboard and speakers.....basically everything >.< Don't forget cyber Monday too!
winter's coming, so some warm boots and coat, i guess :^) hate winter, it's cold and icy ... do you like winter, dude?
I want some music stuff for sure, hardware and software. Got I lot I want / need to get though so not sure what it's gonna be.
Probably some inflatable people, they really help hold the room together and make me feel less alone
Some games, but really want a new TV.
Probably a 4k monitor.
Might finally give up PS3 and get ps4
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a new tv and a good foods

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