Bitcointalk Dehashed (EXTRA ENTRIES)
(06-19-2017, 04:56 PM)herefornothing Wrote:  There is a bitcointalk dehashed db going around.  I have also cracked bitcointalk passwords on my own and combined the two lists, so you are left with a greater number of entries.  this has not been given to anyone because i made it.

Enjoy my friends.  

I also have these dbs if anyone wants to trade for/buy them

butterfly labs
butterfly labs 48% dehashed
merlins magic bitcoins [plaintext]
btc-e and bitcointalk (but you can easily find those on this forum)

I'm looking for the following db's and am willing to pay

Bitcoinsec forum
feathercoin forum
+Other (Have something not listed?  Get in touch, pm me your xmpp)

Still working well?
Thank you for sharing
This is legit. My shit is in there LOL!
lol shit. how can login bitcointalk with email ? they required username where is username list ?
thanks for the share, just wondering if this still working
The other bitcoin relatd databases are more interesting, please share them as well Smile
Thanks for the share !!
Thanks a lot for sharing!
Thanks for this leak man, very useful for me kek
Nice sharing . Thank you so much bro
thanks, have to compare it to my list (self decrypted)
Is the link working?

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