Bitcoin dropping?
by Chuacb9 - 11-12-2017, 01:05 AM
What are your thoughts on the reason why its dropping?

I believe its probably cause alot of people brought into it before the Segwit2x fork , but when it got canceled people sold out and just are hearing about the news slowly.
idk.. sometime bitcoin just crashes LOL
All bubbles burst at some point,,, it was crazy for people to think it would rise to $20,000 lol
that's normal, bitcoin is a bubble, it constantly drops and rises.
Yea going down now but will up again and soon
Its only dropping because people are pumping $BCH.
dude its gone down but this happens a lot lol it will soon rise again due to the state of the currency.
Yeah it's dropping quite fast, I wouldn't worry though, it will rise again.
It will go up soon again - no worries
bubble always going to pop
bitcoin is always changing a lot
lol so many leechers saying the same thing in this thread, what sheep.

It hasn't dropped below anything what it was 1 month ago, its still pretty high and will rise again i'm sure. I'd be surprised if it does reach $20k but $10k is likely as it got pretty close last time. It's only been the last 2 months that has seen the significant rise, and the first moment it drops quite a bit people think its crashing. Now if it plummeted $3k then that would be a significant drop.

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