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Bitcoin Cash
I found it quite funny one gets to keep his btc and get the same amount in bcc additionally. Sadly bcc went down quite a lot
(08-08-2017, 07:43 AM)SteinBagger Wrote:  im proud owner of 0.5btc xD

for now looks pretty good cuz it was like a 1000$ few months ago still growing up

Lucky you!
When have you bought it? Smile
I don't think Bitcoin Cash is the answer at all. Bitcoin was a great concept but it's an early adopter and it has already failed imho. The only reason we are seeing a btc increase right now is because people are selling their bitcoin cash and pumping BTC. Unfortunately Ethereum price is too closely tide to how well BTC does so it will most certainty fail as well.
(08-08-2017, 12:11 PM)Hypervisor Wrote:  I found it quite funny one gets to keep his btc and get the same amount in bcc additionally. Sadly bcc went down quite a lot

BCC started around 800$, which is nowhere near BTCs value, and even from then it dropped, now it is around 300$.
BTC is now above 3000$, so roughly said, BCC is one tenth of BTC's value
Still, You got You're BCC for free, so if You had, 1000$ worth of BTC, now you got roughly 100$ for free, there are 3 exchanges currently that accepts BCC deposits.
Also, You could keep them, maybe it will become a thing, maybe not, I don't know...
About cryptos in general; NEO and Stratis are very promising coins you should take a look at, not trying the price definitely worse investing some money in it if you can afford to.
Got it already and sold it.
Dump this shitcoin, nothing worth. LEL
why arre you all selling your bch? i don't understand that, i hodl
because bch is not worth it ma nigga
Bitcoin creates a myth that is also a tool for looters other civilians
Blockchain forks seems to be the new way to create money from nothing..
BTC is a bubble that will burst

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