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Bitcoin Cash
Hey raiders

What do you think about today's cryptocurrency markets?

Have you already got your BTC Cash?

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a major proposed fork of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. The fork is slated to occur on August 1st, 2017. Some wallets and cryptocurrencies exchanges will 'give' Bitcoin owners the same amount in Bitcoin Cash. They will do this by supporting Bitcoin Cash and give the owners access to their copy of the Bitcoin Cash on August 1st.
Two words come to mind. Bubble, and Fad.
Wonder which of the forks will have the majority of support. It was rumoured to be stopped but still they went a head with it.
as long as my transactions are faster lol
(08-04-2017, 12:11 AM)suppe90 Wrote:  Wonder which of the forks will have the majority of support. It was rumoured to be stopped but still they went a head with it.

I've used BTC on a number of occasions, but no fucking clue what BTC cash is all about... Actually I just read up on it and it looks like I got some cash coming in! (A whole 0.02 BCH, just under $8.)

So now I understand how BCH, anyone know why though? It's not like there's a shortage of ccs.
Stick to the real McCoy. BCC is like generic cola.
For what it's worth, BTC kept the price, and people got some free BCH on top of that.
BTC and BCH? What the hell are they? Why did they split?
I don't use bitcoin, beacouse I lost my wallet with 50 btc in 2013.
I don't see Bitcoin Cash (or any of the other forks) taking off. Most of the major exchanges refuse to trade it and it has a fraction of the vendors and value that BTC does.
BTC is what the real niggas use because that shit is still pretty high value

just don't go with ethereum like ice piss did and end up losing a shit ton of cash
im proud owner of 0.5btc xD

for now looks pretty good cuz it was like a 1000$ few months ago still growing up

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