Bitcoin 15-20% drop a few days ago?
by Chuacb9 - 11-14-2017, 09:48 AM
Did anyone buy into it cheap , seems like lowest it hit was like 5.7k nearly already 900$ profit at this stage if you brought then.
I bought extra when it dropped lol
It was expected to be honest, indeed this is the time to buy. Although there is more money to win in other cryptocurrencies, at least for those with not much money to invest.
I think the best is to wait a bit more ...
its raise up again.. I think other cryptocurrencies like monero is better choice for buying or mining. or bitcoin hard fork bitcoin cash is may be good choice too.
It's a great time to invest in the coin... You know it will go up again
Crypto = Volatility that's the concept
I'd keep an eye on Ethereum
Bitcoin will always be the leading cryptocurrency. It cannot be stopped. Give it a few years and you will be amazed and regret you did not buy more now when its "low". This is only the beginning
thats crazy man if u spend for bitcoin :'(
It's funny how a curency that was supose to be so anti estabilishment so anti control, so anti big cash. Is now reduced to nothing more that a investement that can be hardly used for anything more that to "invest"...
Yes, the technology is still pretty amazing, but it's the weird forces manipulating this business that drives me away from it!

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