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BitCoing goes down
It come up from 6k to 8.1k right now. But who cares, I don't even invest in this shet
surely its going to drop soon, don't see this one as a long term investment
Now bitcoin is a little more than $ 8000. Though the course varies,but he's still at the same level. You can easily purchase bitcoin and learn a lot about this cryptocurrency here: . The main thing to be in trend.
i hope not, i just invested
Bitcoin is always going down and up.
I lost all my money for bitcoin ....
Thanks for your info
i dont think so, because some or other Virtual Coin is still get rise, but it's not stable for investment.
I believe it will crash before reaching 25k. The transaction fees are now to hight
(04-08-2018, 09:24 PM)micko05 Wrote:  as before, it  will have  ups and downs, but believe it will retain some sort of good value
Yes, because Bitcoin has some issue that some crytocurrencies fixed and more function
the Bitcoin volatility is too high, after having reached tops, it went down very quickly. Don't know what the future will reserve for it but I guess the worst is yet to come

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