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BitCoing goes down
bitcoin is going to fluctuate greatly at this stage, to many big players pulling and puting in money
It will definitely retain it's value, there's no doubt about that
I think will go lower than 4000, no less than 3000 usd
New cryptocurrencies will appear, with best features, more self-government, more versatile, etc. ETH, BTC, it's nice, but when appears more attractive cryptocurrencies BTC value will fall.
BTC will fall because of the power required to make a transfer.
(04-12-2018, 10:54 PM)Ch3rry Wrote:  It will definitely retain it's value, there's no doubt about that

Famous last words!
its not going anyway, its never been going away, why are we still talking about it?  look at market cap, look at daily transaction cap.
bitcoin man never going away cuz it has too mauhch money brotha
it seems to me that this does not happen all the same
(04-01-2018, 09:47 PM)kekosevel Wrote:  Yes sell NOW Kappa Kappa

That's fine
The current interest into it kind of makes the whole thing implode very soon. Global power consumption is increasing, where a lot of the coins are mined in cheap countries where power comes from coal. The reaction from the network is to increase the difficulty, and now more power is needed. Repeat.
Nahh bro, keep getting uo rn

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