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BitCoing goes down
Will decrease bitcoin under 1000$ until end of this year?
It will def not go under 1k, lowest probably 5k, but after that the price will increase overtime.
In the current situation it is profitable to mine bitcoin of it's worth more than ~6k USD
If it will fall way under, miners will stop mining bitcoin, and we can have a big crash, or new cryptocurrency as a king
Why a thousand? That's a long way down from here. That's a crash, not a correction. Of course it's already done major damage. Ethereum is down 75% from it's high.

In February I was going to buy at 6k with the intention of holding it until November but it bounced strongly off... call it 6200 so I never got in. Would I now try again? Maybe, but am leaning towards no as I see no real catalyst to the upside. I think the powers that be have done just about all they can to fuck it though. This latest leg down has a lot to do with the social media scum banning ads for it and now mailchimp won't even let people send out newsletters about crypto.

Probably dead money for awhile. Just trading sideways until something new happens. Like US stocks collapsing or a war.
Yes sell NOW Kappa Kappa
I doubt it will go as far as 1k, it's not going that bad yet really.
It’s a meme at this point stop investing other crypto currency’s is going to Kill it
It's probably not going to go down that quickly but I'd sell mine now if I had any
Oh no i had money in this Service
It most likely won't, if it goes down below 4k I feel like it's not going to come back.
Won't go under $1000 for sure. Might hit lows of 6k$ imo but we'll see
as before, it will have ups and downs, but believe it will retain some sort of good value

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